Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Pioneer Home

BNR Pioneer Hoe

Problem: Anchorage Pioneer Home opened in 1977, is five stories tall and is 163,000 square feet. The building features a main dining room, five smaller dining areas, several lounges, recreational areas as well as other activity spaces.  Many of these spaces were in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. The preexisting coatings were in dated colors and also had begun to chip and peel. 

Provided the sensitive nature of the building’s residents, it was not possible to relocate nearly 160 senior citizens ranging in age from mid-60s to 104 and in varying health conditions to repaint.  It was also not possible to block wings or even hallways in the building. Open space had to remain to allow wheel chairs, walkers and medical carts to maneuver.  Many of the residents attended activities and socialized throughout the building and needed to be able to safely make their way throughout the building.  Also many of the residents could not physically tolerate solvent paint odor as a result of respiratory problems.  The need for excellent paint coverage was also a concern since most of the walls were currently bold and bright oranges, purples and greens.

Solution: Anchorage Pioneer Home chose Rust-Oleum’s Sierra Performance Beyond Multi-Purpose enamel as it is a water-based, urethane modified acrylic paint that dries in 30 minutes and allows for multiple coats to be applied within one day.  Sierra Performance coatings have no solvent odor so the product could be applied in occupied spaces without disturbing the residents. The Pioneer Home staff is pleased with the appearance and durability of the coatings as well as the satisfaction of the building residents. The staff received no complaints from any of the over 160 residents and will continue to use Sierra in the future.

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