Honolulu, Hawaii

Blaisdell Center and Honolulu Zoo

Products : Beyond™ Acrylic Enamel, Griptec™ Acrylic Primer, MetalMax® DTM Acrylic Enamel

Blaisdell Honolulu Zoo

Problem: Many of the surfaces around the Convention Facility and Public Zoo were in need of maintenance as a result of peeling, stained, faded and overall failing paint. Fences, walls, handrails, metal doors and metal railings were just some of the surfaces that were experiencing these issues.  The Convention Center and Zoo representatives were looking for a coating which would require little prep, little downtime and no solvent odor while still meeting budgetary restrictions.  The primary concern for the zoo was selecting a product that would allow the animals to remain in the zoo during the painting process.

Solution:  The Blaisdell Center and Zoo representatives selected the Rust-Oleum® Sierra Performance line of products for this project as it met all the requirements for the project. Also cost of the Sierra Systems came in 40% less than the product the facility was previously using exclusively. In-house teams first cleaned the surfaced using Rust-Oleum Pure Strength® Cleaner Degreaser and then primed with either Sierra Performance Griptec Acrylic Primer or MetalMax DTM Acrylic Enamel depending on the surface. Following the primer application, everything was painted with Sierra Performance Beyond Acrylic Enamel. Representatives were impressed with the self-leveling trait of the product which resulted in no visible brush marks.

Rust-Oleum was able to provide the customer with a significant cost savings as well as products that required minimal prep, had great coverage, no solvent odor, and were available in multiple sheens. Blaisdell Center and the Honolulu Zoo plans to use the Sierra line of products for all future in house projects.

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