Santa Barbara, California

Channel Island University

Products : S70/S71 Water-based Epoxy Acrylic Primer, S70/S71 Water-based Epoxy Acrylic Primer Spray

Channel Island

Problem:  Channel Island University in Santa Barbara, California was looking for a bond coat primer that had excellent adhesion and a proven record of durability. The primer had to adhere to various exterior surfaces ranging from masonry and wood to sheet metal. The location of the university as well as the presence of students during application required that the coating have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) as well as produce no solvent odor. The university also wanted a product that dried fast for minimal downtime of the areas that were being painted.

Solution:  As a result of Rust-Oleum’s proven track record for exceptional product support, customer service and superior products, Channel Island University chose the Rust-Oleum Sierra S70 Water-Based Epoxy Acrylic Primer.  The S70 primer met all the requirements for this project: zero VOC, no solvent odor, superior adhesion, proven durability performance and a fast dry time. The exterior surfaces were power washed and approximately 300 gallons of the primer were applied using rollers. Rust-Oleum was able to provide Channel Island with superior results from a quality product that will protect for years to come.

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