Honolulu, Hawaii


Products : Noxyde, 5200 System DTM Acrylic


PROBLEM: Chugach was awarded a contract to repaint three water tanks on Midway Island, which is located in the northwest end of the Hawaiian archipelago. The island sees temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees throughout the year with prevailing winds and occasional rain. Chugach needed a coating that could withstand the sub-tropical climate. Millions of seabirds call Midway Island home and in order to protect their wellbeing and the environment a low VOC, water-based coating was needed.

SOLUTION: Noxyde, a heavy-duty, water-based acrylic, has excellent anti-corrosion properties, which helps extend the lifetime of the water tanks. Backed by a 10 year warranty, it also has superior flexibility allowing the coating to move with the structure. Rust-Oleum’s 5200 System DTM Acrylic is low VOC water-based acrylic enamel with minimal odor. The 5200 System can withstand chalking and fading and mild chemical spills. Noxyde and the 5200 System combined to provide a tough defense within the tropical climate and an environmentally friendly alternative to Chugach when compared to othe coating systems. A checkered pattern on the tower was used by applying Tower White and Tower Orange in the 5200 System. The final project improved the appearance of these tanks and gave the three water towers the industrial finish Chugach was looking for.

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