Houston, Texas


Products : 8000 System OverKrete® S - Type I - 100% Solids Epoxy - Smooth Coating, OverFlex E™ - Type II - Flexible Epoxy


PROBLEM: Cummins, a diesel engine manufacturer, built a warehouse in Houston, Texas and needed a coating for their bare concrete floor that could withstand heavy traffic and chemical spills. The warehouse would be used to house diesel trucks and Cummins wanted a floor that was easy to clean. Creating a safe work environment and ensuring efficient operations was essential when searching for coatings. A Rust-Oleum representative inspected the empty warehouse and noted that they would need durable, abrasion resistant coatings.

SOLUTION: After inspection, it was recommended that Cummins use Rust-Oleum Concrete Protection Systems Overflex E™ Flexible Epoxy. Oveflex E repairs cracks in concrete floors and walls and helps reduce the formation of any cracks in the future. He also advised the automotive company to use Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer to prime the floor to provide another level of protection and durability. Once the primer had been applied, the 8000 System OverKrete® coating would be the final topcoat.

8000 OverKrete® is a heavy duty, 100% solids smooth floor coaring that has great chemical resistance and protects against sever mechanical abuse as well as foot and vehicle traffic. The coating system looked amazing after application. With a high gloss finish that you could see your own reflection in, Cummins was ready to begin operations. With a durable floor beneath their feet, the automotive company looks forward to years of success at this warehouse.


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