St. Louis, Missouri

Department of Corrections

Products : sierra-performance

Yellow Prison Bars and Doors

PROBLEM: The Department of Corrections in St. Louis, MO was having numerous complaints related to paint odor while they were painting their correctional facility. They were also having issues with keeping the cells and hallways unoccupied for extended lengths of time while the paint dried. This caused the relocation of inmates for periods up to 48 hours. In addition, the custom colors they were receiving from their local paint store were covering poorly and were mixed inconsistently. As a result, the painters had to apply multiple coats, which extended the duration of time the inmates were kept out of their cells.

SOLUTION: A Rust-Oleum representative met with the maintenance supervisor and presented the line of Sierra Performance Coatings which feature zero volatile organic compounds, zero hazardous air pollutants, and no solvent odor. Sierra coatings also dry fast in 30 minutes and feature industrial-strength durability. A successful test with the Sierra coatings proved that this was the right product for the project. The facility is now able to move inmates back into their cells and other occupied areas much faster and the maintenance supervisor has not received any complaints about paint odor.

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