Anaheim, California

Harbor Lofts HOA

263501 Gallon ROC Prime Gray Primer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               263501 Gallon ROC Prime Gray Primer

Problem:  The Harbor Lofts Home Owners Association (HOA) needed to refresh the exterior surface of their property. Built in 2009, the coating previously applied to the galvanized and ferrous metal trim on the building was beginning to peel and the metal began rusting.  Provided the location of the Harbor Lofts building, the association was looking to repaint with a coating that met the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s VOC requirements in addition to providing long-term resistance against corrosion.

Solution:    The association selected Rust-Oleum’s new ROC Prime 100 Hybrid Epoxy Primer and Modern Masters Exterior Silver Metallic to recoat the exterior surfaces of the property. ROC Prime 100 is a water-based primer designed for use where heavy duty protection from corrosion is required.  It’s also an easy to use, single component product with a fast dry time for minimal downtime. ROC Prime 100 can be top coated with any topcoat which allowed the Harbor Lofts HOA the freedom to select any topcoat that would meet the desired color and metallic aesthetic of the building. The contractors that applied the product were pleased with the ease of application, overall durability and appearance, as well as the simplicity of soap and water cleanup.

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