Palo Alto, California

Institutional Research Company

Products : 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic, 9700 System 250 VOC Acrylic Polyester Urethane

Institutional Research
Institutional Research Company

PROBLEM: An institutional research company in California coated their satellite once in its 50 year lifetime. After all this time in the coastal climate it was time to re-paint the structure. The steel throughout the satellite was chalking and rusting and a coating was needed to prevent further rusting from occurring. A Rust-Oleum representative inspected the satellite and provided a recommendation that would last for years to come.

SOLUTION: Rust-Oleum High Performance 9100 System DTM Epoxy was recommended as the first coat and the final topcoat to be used was the High Performance 9700 System Acrylic Polyester Urethane. Using a high pressure water blast on areas with severe rust, the surface was prepped for the coating application process. The entire satellite was painted with a coat of the 9100 System DTM Epoxy Mastic which offers excellent protection and adhesion direct-to-tightly adhered rust. The 9700 System Acrylic Polyester Urethane topcoat offers superior corrosion protection and impact resistance making it an excellent coating for the California weather. 

The durability and long service life are the benefits that ultimately led the company to choose Rust-Oleum over other brands. After six months, there were no signs of rusting or peeling and the research company was pleased with the final result. Having used Rust-Oleum products in the past, they knew the performance and reliability of Rust-Oleum products would protect their equipment for many years to come.

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