Richmond, Virginia


Products : Rust-Oleum Prime & Seal Primer - Type I, 8100 System OverKrete® Xtra S - Type I - Premium 100% Solids Epoxy - Smooth Coating

6000 System
A new production line was being installed at Kraft/Nabisco’s Richmond bakery facility. They have had problems in the past where food particles on the production floor would make the surface slippery. The particles would fall into the crevices creating stains and making the floors difficult to clean. A flooring system was needed that was slip resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for use in a baked goods environment.

The facilities manager was looking for a slip resistant floor that was dust-free, sanitary, aesthetically appealing, and easy to clean with a standard floor-scrubbing machine. Rust-Oleum was asked to provide a system that met all of these criteria while providing the best value. In addition, the system had to be easy to apply in order to minimize labor and down time. Epoxy Systems in Richmond, VA was the contractor selected to install the floor. They shot blasted the surface of the 20,000 square foot area. With the surface properly prepared, a 40 mil system consisting of Rust-Oleum’s Penetrating Prime & Seal Primer, 8100 System OverKrete® Xtra S with Wedron 480, and a final topcoat of Overkrete® Xtra S was selected and applied. Nabisco was familiar with the durability of OverKrete® products and had many successful projects using them in the past. Rust-Oleum has worked with Nabisco/Kraft on continuous projects since 1999.

Since the Baked Goods Division moves its equipment and re-configures production lines as new products are developed they are in constant need of flooring repairs and re-finishing. Nabisco’s choice of the Overkrete® system resulted in a highly reliable and durable floor coating that met their food processing needs in terms of skid resistance, durability, and cleanliness. Due to the system’s non-porous attributes, food particles from the manufacturing process cannot settle into the surface of the coating. Nabisco is very happy with their new production floor that now successfully portrays a clean, sanitary, and safe environment that exceeds their cleanliness standards.

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