Santa Monica, California

Loews Hotel

Products : Griptec™ Acrylic Primer, MetalMax® DTM Acrylic Enamel

Lowes Hotel

Problem: The previously painted surfaces on the mullion-type windows and doors at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica were fading and peeling.  The coating selected for this project had to meet South Coast Air Quality Management District VOC regulations.  Representatives from the Loews Hotel needed a product with a proven track record of success on similar properties in Southern California.

Solution: The Rust-Oleum Sierra Performance product line met all the performance and regulatory requirements of the project. All Sierra Performance coatings have a zero VOCs, zero hazardous air pollutants, plus they do not contain any solvent odor.  The product line also had a proven track record of success at many other projects in the Southern California climate.  

Painting contractors first applied the Sierra Performance Griptec Primer. Griptec is a water-based primer that provides outstanding adhesion on difficult to paint surfaces. The primer dries fast in 30 minutes or less allowing for the top coat to be applied without any downtime.  For the topcoat, two coats of Sierra MetalMax DTM Acrylic Enamel in semi-gloss were applied.  MetalMax provides excellent corrosion protection, color retention and results in a smooth, durable finish. The final results were extremely positive and the doors and windows looked as good as new and will be protected for years to come. 

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