San Rafael, California

University Parking Structure

Products : Noxyde, MetalMax® DTM Acrylic Enamel

Major University
Major University

PROBLEM: A steel parking structure at a California university was in great demand of an anti-corrosion coating to prevent further rusting. The structure was not initially primed and was beginning to show many areas of rust. The parking structure also housed solar panels that supported the university's energy demands, making it an essential building on campus. With the parking structure in use at all hours of the day by students and faculty, keeping the structure in operation while repairing it was a necessity.

SOLUTION: A traditional solvent coating system where epoxy and urethane enamel coating combinations are used were ruled out because of possible over spray and solvent odors. People and parked vehicles were too close in proximity to the project and would be affected by the coating process. To minimize over spray and solvent odor, Rust-Oleum's Noxyde Elastomeric Acrylic was selected applied to the sound, rusted metal structures after minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP-2 Hand Tool Cleaning). Noxyde offers unsurpassed long-term corrosion protection and features dry fall characteristics so over spray was not an issue. The paint particles dry as the fall and can be swept away. Rust-Oleum's Sierra Performance MetalMax® DTM Acrylic Enamel was used as the final top coat. MetalMax dries in 30 minutes and adds another layer of corrosion protection. Both Noxyde and MetalMax were the preferred solutions because they are water-based and have low to no VOCs, and contain no solvent odor.

and the university were proud to have used a coating that reflected the the commitment to environmental sustainability. The steel structure had an architecturally pleasing finish that also delivers superior corrosion resistance. Class and campus life was uninterrupted making this job even more successful.

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