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Owens Illinois

Products : S40 Water-based Epoxy Floor Coating, 5200 System DTM Acrylic

Owens Illinois

PROBLEM: Owens Illinois was in need of a durable, long lasting coating that would not affect employees with the harsh smell of paint. The glass container manufacturer was spending time recoating their 15,000 square foot warehouse floor every 5-6 weeks to maintain its appearance for frequent customer visits, which was unfavorable for productivity. Previously, the company had been coating the floor with a water-based paint that they also used on the facility’s walls. The customer had never prepped the surface and would not do so because that would shut down a production line, which in return would mean fewer products were being produced and a loss in profit would occur.

SOLUTION: A low-VOC product with a quick dry time was considered for the floors to cut down on the smell, so that normal operations of making glass could still take place. After showing them a sample of Industrial Choice® 5200 System DTM Acrylic on a metal panel, they immediately liked how much more durable it was than their current product. Owens Illinois agreed to scuff the floors and they chose Sierra Performance S40 Water-Based Epoxy Floor Coating. The product is a two-component epoxy, with excellent durability, zero VOCs and no solvent odor. This provided Owens with the protection they were in need of as well as the aesthetic appearance they required for frequent visits from industry personnel. Owens has not recoated in more than a year. And it was calculated that by using this more durable option, Owens Illinois could save up to $36,000 the course of one year in labor and paint materials.


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