Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Snap-On Tools

Products : 5600 System Acrylic Urethane Floor Paint, 6711 System Clear Water-Based Polyurethane

Paint Roller Application
PROBLEM: Snap-On Tools’ facility in Ontario, Canada was searching for a reliable floor coating. They were in need of an easy to use, water based coating that had low solvent odor, but was still a high performing paint. In order to fully understand the need of the customer, the local Rust-Oleum representative inspected the location and made product recommendations.

SOLUTION: The coatings recommended were the Rust-Oleum Concrete Saver 5600 System Acrylic Urethane Floor Paint along with the 6711 System Clear Water-Based Polyurethane. These two products would provide the maximum amount of durability that th customer needed. The 5600 System is a convenient, ready-to-use, low odor roll and go floor paint. Since it's water-based it had low odor plus a low VOC of less than 100 g/l. The coating protects against dusting, water-damage, staining and mildew.

After testing the two systems against competitive brands, Snap-On Tools decided to use Rust-Oleum coatings. The testing process included applying a gallon of the two systems to a high traffic area of the plant. When there was no visible change from day one until day 31 to the floor, the contractor and facility managers knew Rust-Oleum products were what they needed. Snap-On Tools and Rust-Oleum Corporation are pleased to have found the perfect coating system for the facility and know that it will last even under the toughest conditions.

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