Coating Solutions for Pools & Fountains

Pool and fountain maintenance can be a daunting task so products that work well and last long are key to a successful project. Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands has the products you've been looking for with our collection of Pool and Fountain Paints. Rust-Oleum Clean and Prep Solution quickly removes grime and mineral deposits to create a surface ready for painting.  Then choose from our Acrylic Pool Paint that is color fast and UV resistant or our Epoxy Pool Paint that provides superior protection from stains, abrasion and pool chemicals. Try these products the next time you need to maintain your pools, fountains, spas, and hot tubs.

Additional Solutions From Rust-Oleum:

Pool Clean and Prep Solution

Turn a conventional three step prep and cleaning process into a single step with Rust-Oleum Pool Clean and Prep Solution. Odor free; biodegradable; safe for use around plants and grass.

Pool and Fountain Paint
This easy to use acrylic paint can be applied to damp surfaces and cleans up with soap and water.  The pool can be put back into service only three days after application.
Pool and Fountain Paint Kit
This two-part system offers one-to-one mixing eliminating the need for measuring. Tough epoxy formula withstands abrasion and chemicals.