Industrial Case Studies

Industrial Case Studies

  • Century old building gets a makeover

    Noxyde® the Solution for Exposed Steel Girders

    This heavy-duty, water-based formula provides one-coat coverage and flexible durability. 

  • Manufacturing shop floor coated in 48 hours

    Manufacturing shop floor coated in 48 hours

    A manufacturing shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota needed to recoat their concrete floors and aisles with an esthetically pleasing, brighter and durable coating system. They also needed the job done fast as a quick return-to-service was essential to keep the shop humming. This project had to be completed in just 48 hours.

  • Residential Garage Floor a Work of Art

    A homeowner in Santa Monica, California wanted to make an artistic statement on their garage floor. Instead of a drab, muted color, they wanted something dazzling. Rust-Oleum garage floor coatings were the solution.

  • Convenience food mart gets a floor makeover

    After years of foot traffic, the floor at a convenience food mart gets a new lease on life with Rust-Oleum epoxy floor coating products.

  • Emergency disaster trailers coated with Noxyde

    Disaster site box trailers needed to be painted with durable coatings. Learn why Rust-Oleum Noxyde paint was the perfect solution.