Oakdale, California

California High School Building Exterior

Products : 5200 System DTM Acrylic

California High School
A California High School


Due to the dramatic climate conditions of the West Coast, a California high school was frequently repainting the exterior of their buildings. In desperate need of a coating that would last longer than a year and maintain its vibrant color, the high school looked to Rust-Oleum to protect the surfaces. Specifically, the high school was in search of red and yellow coatings that were attractive and blended with the campus environment.


The school district officials considered the use of powder coatings as a solution to improve the color and gloss retention on its structures. However, these products would have dramatically increased building maintenance costs. After assessing the buildings, a Rust-Oleum sales representative recommended that Industrial Choice® 5200 System DTM Acrylic Enamel to be applied to campus buildings and the sports facility.

The 5200 System was recommended because of a previously
successful application on a manufacturing facility, which was subjected to similar exposure conditions. The gloss and color on that building had excellent results, even after seven years. The product could be applied direct-to-metal without a primer and is versatile enough to be applied by brush, roller or spray gun. Since the coating is water-based, has low odor, and features a low VOC of <250 g/l, it met the regulations required by the district. Creating a beautiful campus and abiding by environmentally sound regulations were Rust-Oleum’s goals as they worked on this project. The school district personnel were amazed at the end result and pleased to know the coatings would last a long time. The Industrial Choice® 5200 System DTM Acrylic Enamel was applied to metal doors, ferrous and non-ferrous metal trim and ornamental and structural steel on the high school’s buildings and sports facility.

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