Modesto, California

A Food Processing Company

Products : Noxyde, 5200 System DTM Acrylic

Yellow Metric Tank

At a food processing facility in Modesto, California a waste processing tank had gone unchecked for years and was showing signs of extreme rusting. The processor was an eye sore for the rest of the facility because of the corrosion. Paint was chipping away from the steel and the facility managers realized they needed to do something in order to save the waste processor. A Rust-Oleum sales representative worked closely with the painting contractor and distributor sales representative to provide the facility with an effective, long-lasting solution.


Keeping environmental responsibility in mind, the facility managers were pleased to hear about Noxyde - a low VOC water-based acrylic as well as Industrial Choice 5200 System DTM Acrylic. Noxyde is an elastomeric acrylic coating with incredible long term corrosion protection. Industrial Choice 5200 is also a water-based coating that can withstand mild chemical fumes and resist chalking and fading in the intense California sun. Using Noxyde and the 5200 System coatings, the contractor could easily apply the coatings using a spray gun.  After a recent recent inspection, the processing tank was in great condition and showed no signs of chalking or fading. The once corroded and unsightly structure now had a professional-grade, glossy protective finish that will last for years to come.  

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