Industrial Case Studies

Alice’s Wonder-Go-Round reimagined, restored, and preserved

Rust-Oleum partners with Children’s Fairyland for second restoration project


A vintage children’s ride has a new lease on life with the help of Rust-Oleum products. Rust-Oleum partnered with Children’s Fairyland, a Northern California non-profit organization, on the restoration of “Alice’s Wonder-Go-Round” ride.


The work took nearly a year to complete. Fairyland crew installed tenting around the surrounding area; removed all characters and brought in sandblasting equipment to strip the crown and related structures.


The characters were then hand-sanded and Fairyland’s in-house team repaired the rusted understructure of the figures. Each character received a coat of epoxy primer, coats of colorful theme paint and a clear top coat.


Rust-Oleum donated 24 gallons of Modern Masters Theme Paint with the assistance from Sales team members, Greg Sargema and Chris Cargo.


This isn’t the first time Rust-Oleum supported restoration projects with Children’s Fairyland.


Back in 2015, Children’s Fairyland contacted Rust-Oleum regarding their “Flecto Carousel.” In 1997, Flecto Corporation (now a part of Rust-Oleum) donated the toddler-sized carousel to the park. Previously, it was on display at Flecto trade shows. After decades of use, the carousel was in need of major repairs. Rust-Oleum donated paint and application expertise for the restoration.


Children’s Fairyland believes that with the support of families, businesses, and community groups who believe in their mission and in the boundless potential of young children, Children’s Fairyland will enjoy many years of “happily ever after.” Rust-Oleum is proud to support the cause.