Industrial Case Studies

Burial vault manufacturer switches to MULTISPEC for coatings solution


A Georgia-based manufacturer of injection molded burial vaults switched from using their existing coating solution to the MULTISPEC brand after a Rust-Oleum product expert explained the advantages of Rust-Oleum’s MULTISPEC Waterborne 90 Series coating. Waterborne 90 is an acrylic paint ball formula with a clear urethane additive.

The vault manufacturer preferred the lower odor of MULTISPEC and was having numerous color consistency and shelf-life issues with their previous coatings — issues that were solved with MULTISPEC Waterborne 90.

The manufacturer is not the typical OEM as they spray their primer and topcoat through a robot. After the plastic burial vaults are sprayed, they proceed through a warm drying tunnel and when they come out they are placed in a large black bags and they are stacked about 10 high in a “nested” manner.

The vaults are then placed outside and are stored in an exterior yard where the sun heats everything up and then cools at night. Over time this was causing some moisture to build up in the bags causing discoloration on the bottoms of the burial vault covers.

MULTISPEC has an exterior OEM formula polyurethane dispersion multicolor known as Waterborne Plus 21 series. The formula was not affected by moisture building up in the bags and solved the discoloration issues.


Products Used:

Rust-Oleum MULTISPEC Waterborne 90

Rust-Oleum MULTISPEC Waterborne Plus 21