Industrial Case Studies

Emergency disaster trailers coated with Noxyde

More than 100 new, unpainted box trailers used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in disaster situations needed to be painted with a durable coating in a military-specified color. 

Which products were used?
Rust-Oleum Noxyde tinted to Tactical Beige

What were the biggest needs for this project?
The biggest challenges for this project included the need for the quality and color of the paint to gain approval by government agencies. The color needed to be custom tinted to Tactical Beige and approved by FEMA. The paint needed to be self-priming and applied via sprayer. The coating needed to be resistant to rust, corrosion and water to withstand conditions across the country, which includes extreme heat and extreme cold. Contractors applied 750 gallons of Noxyde and took several months to complete painting.