Minneapolis, MN

Hospital Repaints Helipad With Minimal Downtime

helipad before painting project
helipad painting project


The helicopter landing pad at the Fairview Riverside Hospital in Minneapolis, MN was in need of resurfacing as the previous coating had faded and worn away. To ensure that helicopters land and take off safely, it was critical that the helicopter landing pad had clear and highly visible markings.  The markings also had to be durable enough to withstand the harsh winter conditions of Minneapolis.


The hospital facility manager selected the Rust-Oleum® 5600 System Acrylic Urethane Floor Paint and the 5500 System Acrylic Dustproofer Floor Sealer to resurface the helipad because their  ease of application, durability and color retention qualities.  The surface required minimal cleaning and the products were applied by brush and roller. As a result of the easy application and quick dry time, the project was completed promptly and resulted in minimal disruption to hospital activities. “We actually turned the helipad back to service sooner than I had planned without any problems whatsoever”, explained the facility manager. “This allowed less time out of service. The end result is a job that looks great and has the protection we much needed.” The newly refinished helipad now has a safe and defined landing area for helicopters transporting patients and staff to and from the hospital.

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