LeMars, Iowa

Wells Dairy

Products : 5300 System Water-Based Epoxy

White Brick Wall Roller

Wells Dairy needed a maintenance coating for the walls, ceiling and structural steel inside their ice cream plant. Since the dairy is a USDA inspected facility, a coating that would meet the USDA’s standards was necessary. They needed a bright white coating that was easy to clean and durable enough to handle a daily cleaning regimen. The maintenance coating also had to be able to perform in the cool environment of the ice cream plant.

Wells Dairy was looking for a coating that had little odor so that they could coat areas of the dairy without disturbing other areas in use. A fast-drying coating was also needed so that they could get areas back to service quickly and move on to other areas within the facility. Minimal surface preparation was another requirement; the method with the least probability of contamination was needed.

After evaluating the test applications, Rust-Oleum’s 5300 System Water Based Epoxy was chosen for its performance characteristics and easy surface preparation. Power washing and some scuff sanding was the recommended surface preparation. The product was brushed and rolled onto the concrete and steel. The bright white color was exactly what they were looking for, and the 5300 System was fast drying, had low odor, and the soap & water clean-up made it easier for them to return the area to service quickly.

In the long run, this feature saved Wells Dairy money on labor, materials and time. Since 1999, WellsDairy has been purchasing Rust-Oleum’s 5300 system for regular maintenance in their ice cream plant. They have been very happy with the performance of the coating because of its durability against constant cleaning and its ability to withstand a cool, damp environment. In addition, the attributes of the water-based product (low odor, soap & water cleanup) allows them to easily maintain areas of the plant without disturbing or contaminating nearby sections. The Dairy is very pleased with their choice and continues to use Rust-Oleum’s 5300 System for their maintenance projects.

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