Industrial Case Studies

When Rust Turns Beautiful

A new luxury apartment building in one of Dallas’ hippest neighborhoods features multiple large decorative planter boxes that surround the complex. Our customer wanted a finish on the planters that complemented the Industrial Cool vibe in this former warehouse district.



Modern Masters Metal Effects – Rust Finish did the job. The coating creates the distinctive appearance of rusted iron on any paintable surface.



The painting contractor faced a few challenges coating the nearly 500 square feet of surface on the planters.



It would have been great if the coatings could have been applied in a controlled environment, but the planters were already installed at the site. That meant the painters had to fight weather and do their work while thousands of pedestrians passed by.   



They also faced a technical challenge. The metal surfaces were already coated with an alkyd red oxide primer. However, the Metal Effects system can only be applied over a water-based primer or paint not over alkyd. That required the painter to clean, prep and prime with Rust-Oleum XIM UMA Primer before applying the Rust Effects system.



After applying the Rust-Oleum primer, the painter then applied Modern Masters Metal Effects Primer followed by Modern Masters Iron Paint and Modern Masters Rust Activator. The job was finished after applying Modern Masters Permacoat Xtreme top coat. The work took about two weeks to complete.



The rusted iron finish fit perfectly with the urban chic ambiance of the neighborhood and our customer was more than pleased with the results.



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