Don't Let Your Floors Trip You Up

Often times the biggest safety hazard in industrial and commercial facilities is right under people’s feet.  Floors take a lot of abuse in facilities and can cause serious accidents if preventive maintenance is not a part of facility care.  Chemicals, extreme temperatures, heavy equipment, wash downs, and general traffic all take their toll over time causing damage that can’t be ignored. Areas with water, grease and oils can cause floors to be as slick as ice.  Cracked or uneven floors can cause trips and falls and lead to accidents and even deaths. In fact, OSHA cites that slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents and cause 15% of all accidental deaths.  


The good news is that simple floor maintenance doesn't have to be a big production.  Easy to apply, long lasting and durable, Rust-Oleum Concrete Saver products patch, repair and protect floors to help keep your facility safe inside and out.  TurboKrete and InstaPatch fill cracks and holes, SafeStep Anti-Slip Step Edges, Covers and Sheeting offer easy installation and excellent slip protection, and our full line of standard and anti-slip floor paints and coatings offer a strong layer of protection for your floors and employees.