How to Paint Without Solvent Odor Complaints

It never fails.  You schedule a facility maintenance painting project well in advance so there is time to clear out the area, order the paint and supplies, and prep the area for painting.  Your crews start painting and the complaints about paint fumes begin.  The common belief is that there are only two choices on how to handle this problem. 1) Continue painting and ignore the complaints, or 2) Hire a paint crew and pay a premium so they can paint after hours when building occupants are gone. 


There is a third choice that solves the problem and won’t deplete budgets or cause disruption. That solution is to use a coating that doesn't contain solvent odors such as Rust-Oleum’s collection of Sierra Performance Coatings.   

This series of coatings are not only free of solvent odor, they also have zero VOCs and zero hazardous air pollutants. Sierra Performance Coatings are also industrial grade and will last through tough wear and tear, cleanings and the abuse that comes from the environment of industrial or commercial facilities.  The coatings include primers, acrylics, epoxies and floor coatings and come in popular standard colors and tint bases – everything you need to improve the appearance of your entire facility while providing durable protection. Paint with Sierra Performance Coatings and people won’t even know you’re painting.