Tough Coatings for Tough Jobs

not all paints are created equal. What goes inside your typical house paint is very different than the ingredients in Rust-Oleum Industrial Coatings. Our products are specifically formulated to endure harsh environments, abrasion, chemicals and cleaning PLUS they're easy to apply. For applications across all industries and environments indoors and out, our trusted line of High Performance Alkyd and Epoxy coatings will work hard for you.

V7400 System DTM Alkyd Enamel

Product Features:

A lower VOC version of the original Rust-Oleum solution for industrial protection against the ravages of rust and corrosion.


    • VOC < 340 grams per liter
    • Excellent one-coat coverage
    • Dries fast - tack free in two to four hours
    • High gloss, durable finish provides vibrant color and gloss retention
    • Protects against chipping, cracking and peeling
    • Resists mild chemical spills, fumes, oil and grease