Are You Going to Make This Mistake This Holiday Shutdown?

Managers of commercial and industrial facilities understand that building and equipment maintenance isn't an option – it’s a necessity.  Most inspection, repair, painting and cleaning can be done throughout the year while the facility is in operation.  However, a time will come when a plant will have to go through a plant shutdown (or plant turnaround) which mimics a sort of “spring cleaning” of major sections of the plant.  

A common mistake that increases the frequency of painting and maintenance costs is when maintenance painting projects are overlooked, not built into the plan or approached on an "as needed" basis. Here are 3 reasons why maintenance painting projects should be built into your facility shutdown plan:


  1. Planned painting projects means there is time for surface preparationMost coating failures happen as a result of poor surface preparation. Applying paint to a dirty or severely rusted surface only means that the coating will not adhere properly and will peel or chip off. If you plan ahead you can make sure surfaces are clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint that will last.

  2. Don’t let it become an emergency. When an unplanned painting project becomes an emergency (like when the CEO announces a surprise visit) staff often rushes out to buy the most convenient and least expensive product. This oftentimes turns out to be the incorrect product for the application. Taking the time to assess the condition of the surface and the type of exposure the item will be subject to are important factors to consider. When spray paint might seem like the fastest and easiest solution, an epoxy coating may actually be the best solution for long term performance.

  3. You will have to repaint less often. If you have areas in your facility that you are constantly repainting over and over again, then chances are you need to reassess the product you are using and the condition of surface it’s being applied to. When you take the time to inspect the areas that need to be painted, prepare the surface properly and buy the right type of coating, you have a recipe for a long-lasting paint job that will bring long-lasting results and cost savings.


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