Is Your Equipment Failing You?

Studies show that 40% of equipment failures are related to poor lubrication practices. In fact 70-85% of equipment failures are a result of poor maintenance practices and processes. If machinery isn't moving, it’s not producing. If it’s not producing, money is being lost.

Lubrication plays a vital role in the operation of equipment so it makes sense that responsible maintenance practices ensure plant performance.  Training is one solution to equipment failure in addition to using the right product.

Rust-Oleum has introduced a complete line of industrial-grade lubricants to keep equipment running smoothly.  The line comes in extra large cans and most products feature an any-angle spray for easy lubrication of tough to access parts. The product labels help visually identify what each product is for to minimize the potential mistakes.

Multi-Purpose Lubricant - This versatile spray loosens rusted parts, drives out moisture and provides ongoing lubrication. Leaves behind a lubricating film that protects against rust and corrosion and resists water wash-off.

Penetrating Lubricant - Loosen even the most stuck, rusted parts. This heavy-duty formula permeates metal better than other brands by seeping into the tiniest of crevices. Its unique, foaming action helps to easily set frozen parts free.

Food Grade Silicone - Get food-safe lubrication, protection and waterproofing. Eliminates squeaks and reduces friction. Effective as a lubricant, release agent, protective coating or anti-rust film.

Food Grade White Grease - This 100%-pure white grease protects equipment from rust and wear.

Moly Chain Lubricant - Reduce friction and wear on moving parts. The formula clings to metal and penetrates close tolerances, providing long-lasting, worry-free lubrication. Designed to stay in place during countless cycles and withstands extreme high or low temperatures.

Dry PTFE Lubricant - Reduce friction and wear on industrial equipment. Dries in seconds, providing powerful, non-oily lubrication that will not pick up dirt or dust. Non-staining, odorless, silicone-free; can be used on metal, wood, vinyl or rubber. Resists heat up to 500° F.

Dry Graphite - This ultra-rugged formula sprays on clear and dries to form a powerful layer of lubrication that will not pick up dirt or dust. Non-staining; bonds quickly to any clean metal, wood, concrete or plastic surface. Withstands tremendous pressure and will effectively lubricate loads of up to 18,000 PSI.