Repaint and Restore. Protect your Assets from Corrosion and Reduce your Equipment Spend

There is no doubt about it. Corrosion can be extremely costly and can silently eat away at your budgets for years before you realize there is a serious problem.  In 2013, the cost of corrosion in the US is estimated to exceed $1 trillion annually for the first time1.  To bring it closer to home, the cost of corrosion as a percentage of the GDP for the manufacturing sector accounts for 16%.  That means that costly assets such as structural steel, equipment, tanks, machinery, vehicles, gates, pipes and much more are all targets for rust, but there is a solution – preventive maintenance coatings from Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands.


Let’s look at this example.  A severely corroded steel dock door that needs to be replaced would cost roughly $3000 plus installation.  At the first sign of corrosion, the rusted areas could have been treated with Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer and the entire door then primed and painted with High Performance V7400 System DTM Alkyd Enamel. The estimated cost for the paint materials would be $150 – as small fraction of the cost of purchasing a new door.


So when you think of maintaining your metal assets and getting the most service years, repaint and restore, don’t replace.  The cost of not painting can be significantly higher than the price of the paint. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars every year.




1 Source: G2MT Laboratories 2011