Rust-Proof Guarantee

Rust-Proof Guarantee

Rust-Oleum Industrial cares about our customers! We want to provide you the best solutions for your maintenance challenges. This is why we guarantee our rust preventative products. If you have followed our recommended prep methods and maintenance and the performance should exceed the guarantee. If not, we want to make it right!

List below are our various products covered under the two year, four year and ten year guarantee. Please refer to the product pages for the specific guarantee. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact our Product Support Team. For specific details on the Rust-Proof Guarantee, please refer to our Term & Conditions Warranty.


V2100 System Rust-Preventative Spray Paints
VK9300 System- Two Component Epoxy Primers


1500 System- Speedy Dry Alkyd Enamels
2500 System- 250 VOC DTM Alkyd Enamels
3100 System- Speedy-Dry DTM Acrylic Enamels
3575 System- Rust Reformer & Converters
3700 System- DTM Acrylic Enamels
5300 System- Water-Based Epoxies
7000 System- Cold Galvanizing Compounds
7400 System- 350/450 VOC DTM Alkyd Enamels
7400 System- 350/450 VOC DTM Alkyd Primers
V7400 System- 350/450 VOC DTM Alkyd Enamels
V7400 System- 350/450 VOC DTM Alkyd Primers
8400 System- Food & Beverage Enamels
8400 System- Food & Beverage Primers
V8400 System- Food & Beverage Enamels
V8400 System- Food & Beverage Primers
9100 System- DTM Epoxy Mastics
V9100 System- Low VOC DTM Epoxy Mastics
9200 System- Low Temperature Epoxies
9300 System- Epoxy Primers
9400 System- High Gloss Polyester Urethanes
C9578 System- Coal Tar Epoxies
9700 System- 250 VOC Acrylic Polyester Urethanes
3800 System- DTM Acrylic Enamel
FD740- Fast Dry Alkyd