Branded Products


Budge Covers, the original car cover company, has been making quality car covers since 1940. But we do more than cover cars. We cover people’s lives. Whether it’s a car, SUV, truck, van, motorcycle, RV, travel trailer, camper, boat, pontoon boat, jet ski, bimini top, patio furniture, BBQ/grill Budge covers makes a wide range of durable, semi-custom® covers to protect the things that our customers value.

Partnering with Rust-Oleum has allowed us to take our covers to the next level.

Combining our specially designed covers with Rust-Oleum® NeverWet® technology, we are continuing to create covers that combine the exceptional durability of our specially designed, semi-custom® fit covers with the incredible 100% waterproof protection of Rust-Oleum® NeverWet®.

The result are covers that can protect, stay clean and keep the things our customers value safe and dry all year long. 



NeverWet® and NeverWet® Plus Vehicle Covers

Combines woven-rip stop polyester and ultrasonically welded seams with Rust-Oleum Never® technology. The result is a remarkably durable, strong, and stylish cover with an uncanny talent: water rolls right off, taking mud, tree-dirt, pollen, bird droppings and other environmental pollutants with it.

Its ability to not “get” wet solves a number of problems. For one, it’s light and easy to handle after rain. Plus, it will never leave you soaked: simply “snap-it” dry and stow it. It resists stains, mold and mildew, and self-cleans in the rain or with a garden hose.