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Topcoat Your Garage Floor To Add Beauty And Durability



When it comes to DIY projects, it’s often the details that make the difference. Going the extra mile can push your project into the WOW category – and ensure your hard work lasts.



If you’re planning to jazz up your garage or patio with a brand new floor coating, make sure you choose a topcoat too! Kerri Schlenker, brand manager at Rust-Oleum, explains the importance of sealing your project with the perfect topcoat: “If you want to boost the longevity and quality of your floor coating, it’s a really important step,” she says.



Rust-Oleum’s products are made to pair with one another, so there’s no need to puzzle over which topcoat to choose. If you’re using Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, choose Clear Finish Topcoat or, for a little something extra, try it in Clear Shimmer. Use this pairing for both indoor and outdoor projects, and see how the topcoat adds another layer of protection and makes it simple to clean and maintain.



Once upon a time, the garage was just a dusty, oil-slicked home for the family station wagon – and maybe an old fridge full of diet soda. Now, homeowners are viewing the garage as an exciting free space, and they’re looking to customize it with flair and flexibility. If you need a tough but pretty flooring solution for a sunny artist’s studio or a high tech home gym in your garage, use EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating (5x stronger than 1 part floor paint!) and seal it in with EpoxyShield Premium Clear Coating.



Need a floor solution for the toughest wear and tear in your garage? RockSolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Coating, when paired with a Clear Top Coating, is formulated to offer unsurpassed durability. It is 20 times more durable than epoxy, and the topcoat adds extra insurance against cracking, peeling, and damage from hot tires and grease. As always, Rust-Oleum prioritizes appearance as well as function, and you can customize a gorgeous look with Textured Topcoat!



Adding a topcoat is the perfect way to make sure you get the longest, best use of your time and money. These topcoats are so effectively formulated that you can actually use them on bare surfaces too – so you know they’re providing incredible protection against wear, impact, and abrasions. Finish like a pro!