RO Home Projects

Laundry Makeover for Less Than $400

Give your laundry room a budget friendly facelift for less than $400 using the power of paint. Completely transform your cabinets, countertops and floors without sanding, stripping or priming.


 Paint, Don't Replace Those Old Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floors are worn, tired and need a refresh, consider a budget friendly alternative instead of a costly replacement.


DIY Painted Bathroom Tile Floor

Have an updated bathroom with an outdated floor?  Give it a fresh new look without the hassle of removal with Rust-Oleum HOME interior floor paint.


Paint the Floor but Skip the Grout for a Look That's Stunning!

Yes, you can paint your floors! Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Paint makes it simple and affordable.


A Simple Way to Go Back and Refresh Your Bathroom Floor

You’ve updated everything in your bathroom but now the floor is really showing its age. Instead of replacing it, you can paint it!


How To Paint A Tile Floor

Painting a tile bathroom floor is easy as 1-2-3 with RockSolid HOME interior floor paint! Clean the floor, add the basecoat, apply the top coat and you've got a brand new floor for less.


Updated Bathroom Flooring With Paint

Blogger Project - Redo your bathroom on a budget! Rust-Oleum HOME Interior Floor Paint changes the look of your bathroom in one weekend.


DIY Painted Tile Kitchen Floor

With Rust-Oleum HOME, you can achieve the look of new floors with a long-lasting, durable finish in just one day. 


DIY Painted Linoleum Laundry Room Floor

Interested in updating an outdated linoleum floor in your home? Rust-Oleum HOME Floor Coating allows you to transform the look of your floors without replacing them.


Paint Your Bathroom Floor Tile

Painting outdated bathroom floor tile changes the whole look of your room. Rachael from Banyan Bridges tried some geometric shapes on her bathroom floor to put a modern spin into the space.