Don’t let foggy headlights leave you in the dark


According to the American Automobile Agency, clouded or yellowed headlights generate only 20 percent of the amount of light that new headlights emit. That can lead to dangerous nighttime driving conditions. With the onset of winter’s darkness and nasty weather, it’s more important than ever to make sure your headlights are beaming at full capacity.

Over time, the effects of UV light and oxidation can take a toll on headlight lenses causing them to degrade and become discolored. You could buy new headlights but that can be costly. The better, less expensive, alternative is to use a do-it-yourself restoration kit.

Rust-Oleum offers some of the best products in the market to restore your headlights.  Wipe New Headlight Restore can bring your headlights back to their originally clarity in just a few simple steps.

And, you’ll get crystal clear results guaranteed to pass inspection for the lifetime of your vehicle. The easy-to-use kit restores foggy headlights to improve illumination and visibility with long lasting durability and ceramic protection. See it in action here.

If your headlights are in really bad shape, choose the Wipe New Heavy Duty Headlight Restore kit. The package includes everything needed to remove heavy oxidation and yellowing and include sanding kits that attach to your portable drill.

With just a little effort, you’ll see a noticeable improvement while traveling at night. Not only will clear headlights improve your view, but will also make you more visible to other drivers.