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Decorative Mantel Stocking Holder

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Three stocking holders that spell out the word “Joy.” After
  • Estimated Time

  • Challenge Level

  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Assorted Testors Paintbrushes
    • Ashland Decorative Fillers - Pearls
    • 9 - 6 inch Craft Sticks
    • 3 - Wood Blocks 6” x 3.50” x 1”
    • Sharpie Marker
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • 1 - Rose Gold Pick
    • Snow - Tex
    • 3 - Wood Letters 5” tall
    • Elmer’s Glue-All
    • Wire cutters
    • Painter's tape
    • 3 Faceted Crystal Knobs

Whether for St. Nick Day or Christmas, the stocking holders are easy to make and hold a personal touch. Your stockings surely won't be missed with an on-trend color such as Petal Pink and decorative crystal knobs. 

Project Steps

Always allow paint and glues to dry completely before moving to the next step.  

Step 1
Mix Petal Pink, Snow White and a few drops of Coffee to create a color that matches the pink pearls. With a brush, paint the wood letters.


Step 2
Mix Snow White paint with French Vanilla until the color matches the cream colored pearls. Set the paint aside. 


Step 3
Use Elmer’s to glue and layer three craft sticks together for each wood block.


Step 4
Glue layered sticks on one long edge of the wood blocks. When the glue is set, paint the block and attached sticks with the cream paint. Imperfections in the wood will be hidden in the finished project.

Step 5
Mark the center of the wood sticks with a Sharpie.


Step 6
Drill a hole to snugly fit a toothpick in the center bottom of each letter. Drill only .25” into the wood. Use painters tape to mark the drill bit which will prevent drilling too deep. 


Step 7
Drill .75” into the wood craft stick where marked. 


Step 8
Cut the toothpick to measure 1” long. Cover it in Elmer’s glue. Insert one end into the bottom of the letter and the other end into the wood block. Reinforce the connection with hot glue to the left and right of the center under the curve of the letter.


Step 9
Sand a circle of paint off the center front of the block to allow good adhesion of the metal base of the knob to the wood. Apply E6000 and attach the knob.


Step 10
Use a craft stick to apply Snow-Tex. Apply it to cover the stacked craft sticks only.


Step 11
Cut three rose gold branches from the pick with wire cutters. Use hot glue to adhere them to the blocks. Vary the position of the branch on each block.


Step 12
Attach pearls to the block with hot glue. 


Step 13
Apply Snow-Tex to the remaining exposed wood with a Q-tip, mounding it with peaks here and there. Surround the pearls and touch some of the branches with the snow.


This project is designed and intended for decorative, light Christmas stockings. A heavy weight should be added to anchor down the wood block when hanging stockings filled with goodies.

Project designed and created by Gloria Uhler at for The Testor Corporation.