Wooden Wine Box

A table holding a gold vase with flowers in it, wrapped gifts, a wooden box containing a bottle of wine, a stack of white plates in front of a white frosted cake and three small painted jars with silverware and flowers in them. A chandelier featuring different colored dangling hearts is hanging over the table.


A bare wood box with an open door and three compartments inside.


Give that special someone a wooden wine box for Valentine’s Day. Learn how to customize yours using Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain and Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer.

Step 1
Start with a clean, bare wood box with nice grain patterns.

Step 2
Using a wire brush, create texture on all sides of the box by brushing in the direction of the grain. This will help enhance the appearance of the wood grain. 

Step 3
Wipe the wood with a lint-free cloth to ensure the surface is clean. 

Step 4
Use a lint-free cloth to apply Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain liberally, in the direction of the grain, Allow the stain to sit for 2-3 minutes before wiping off, also in the direction of the grain.

Step 5
Allow the stain to dry for approximately 1 hour.

Step 6
Using a clean lint-free cloth, apply Varathane Wood Grain Enhancer. Working in the opposite direction of the grain, gently rub the product into the wood grain texture. Wipe away excess with a dry cloth, again moving in the opposite direction of the grain.

Step 7
Allow grain enhancer to dry for approximately 1 hour before using the box.  

Other Materials:

  • Bare Wood Wine Box
  • Gloves
  • Lint-Free Cloth
  • Wire Bristle Brush
  • Stir Sticks
  • Drop cloth or kraft paper

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