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How To Remove Wallpaper Without A Steamer

Removing wallpaper lets you change the look of a room. Before you paint a room or hang new wallpaper, it’s important to take steps to remove old wallpaper and adhesive. By gathering some necessary supplies and following the right steps, you can remove wallpaper yourself without using a steamer.

Wallpaper Removal Supplies

First, you'll want to gather the necessary wallpaper removal supplies:


Wallpaper Removal Tips

Before you remove wallpaper, you'll want to protect surrounding floors and nearby furniture by covering them with drop cloths. Now you're ready to follow the three main steps involved in removing wallpaper – scoring, stripping and scraping. 

Scoring the wallpaper creates perforations that allow the stripping solution to get behind it. Tools like Zinsser’s PaperTiger let you easily create small holes all over the wallpaper. This helps the wallpaper solution to penetrate and make it easier to remove the wallpaper.

After you’ve scored the entire surface, apply DIF Wallpaper Stripper to one section of the wall at a time. Beginning at the top of the wall and working down, spray, roll or sponge the solution over the perforated wallpaper. Wait a few minutes, then apply another layer to the wallpaper. While you wait, the wallpaper stripper will loosen the paper and dissolve the adhesive.


Once the treated wallpaper darkens and forms bubbles, you can begin scraping off the loosened wallpaper. (Note, though, that vinyl wallpaper will not darken or bubble.) The Zinsser Paper Scraper's angle helps javascript:void(0);you remove wallpaper faster without damaging the wall like other razor-edge scrapers can

In some cases, you may still see old wallpaper glue as you scrape the paper away. If this happens, apply another coat of wallpaper stripper and let it further loosen the adhesive. After several minutes, remove the remaining adhesive with the scraper or a sponge. Finally, wipe the wall with water and a clean cloth or a sponge.

Repeat this process until you’ve successfully removed all the wallpaper.

Steps After Removing Wallpaper

After you’ve removed all the wallpaper, let the walls dry. Before painting or hanging new wallpaper, inspect the walls and patch any imperfections.

If you plan to paint the walls, it’s a good idea to first apply a coat of paint primer. Primer blocks stains and prevents marks on the wall or previous paint colors from bleeding through your new coat of paint.

A new wallpaper pattern or a fresh coat of paint let you transform any room’s appearance. Using the right tools and techniques to remove old wallpaper can make the job easier and lead to great-looking results.

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