Truck Bed Coating Applicator Kit

Truck Bed Applicator Kit

Truck Bed Coating
248917 - Kit

About Truck Bed Coating Applicator Kit

Easily apply Rust-Oleum® Truck Bed Coating with the Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating Applicator Kit. This all-in-one kit includes the tools you need to achieve, clean lines and a high-quality finish.  

  • Designed specifically for use with Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Gallon or Quart
  • Custom foam roller cover for uniform textured finish
  • Scuff pad for surface preparation that improves coating adhesion
  • Brush for tight areas along the truck bed side wall 
  • Kit includes: Roller Frame & Cover, Scuff Pad, Paint Brush and Roller Pan


For Best Results

Place roller cover in a plastic bag and out of direct sunlight to keep from drying out.

Available Sizes

  • Kit

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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