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  • .33 oz Chrome Paint Pen :

About Chrome Paint Pen

Chrome decorative paint pens are sure to elevate any craft project with a bright and reflective finish. Easy to use, paint flows smoothly out of the pen with rich color saturation for excellent coverage. Perfect way to add personalization or details to your craft project.

  • Dual tip technology. Easily change from a chisel tip for fine lines, to a bullet tip for thicker lines
  • Multi-surface use. Works on wood, metal, glass, unglazed ceramics, terra cotta, paper, poster boards, and some plastics
  • For use on indoor and exterior surfaces
  • Dries in 15-30 minutes


To get the paint to flow out of the paint pen, prime the marker by lightly depressing the tip on a piece of scrap paper until paint begins to flow. To go from a bullet tip to chisel tip, gently pull the tip out of the marker, flip it over, and return it back into the marker.


  • 33 oz. Paint Pen

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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