Krud Kutter

Metal Clean & Etch

Bottle of Krud Kutter Metal Clean and Etch.
32 Oz Bottle
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ME326 - 32 oz Bottle

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About Metal Clean & Etch

Cleans & etches in one step. Krud Kutter Metal Clean & Etch is specially formulated to prepare iron, steel, zinc, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces for painting. Removes rust, oil, grease, and dirt. Eliminates paint peeling, and other adhesion problems. Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.



  • Cleans and etches in one step
  • Prepares iron, steel, zinc, aluminum & galvanized surfaces for painting
  • Removes passivation film on galvanized surfaces, eliminating the need for sand-blasting prior to painting

For Best Results

Mix 1 part of concentrate with 3 parts water in a plastic container.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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