Mean Green

Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser

Mean Green Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser
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Auto & Garage
73135 - 40 oz.

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About Auto & Garage Cleaner & Degreaser

Mean Green® Auto & Garage is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Specially formulated to remove and dissolve petroleum-based grease, grime, and oil from engines, tools, and concrete, to outdoor furniture, grills, painted surfaces, and more.

  • Safely removes road grit, grease & grime
  • Concentrated formula
  • Ideal uses auto, garage, recreation, patio


  • 40 oz.
  • 128 oz.

Ingredient Cas # Function
Water 7732-18-5 Solvent
2-(2-Butoxyethoxy)ethanol 112-34-5 Solvent
Fatty alcohol ethoxylate 160875-66-1 Surfactant
Sodium edetate Withheld Chelator
Silicate salts Withheld Alkaline Builder
Alkali metal hydroxide Withheld pH Adjuster
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