Renovator Grass Color Refresh

Rust-Oleum Renovator Green Grass Color Refresh
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307423 - 1 Gallon

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About Renovator Grass Color Refresh

Renovator Grass Color Refresh is an easy-to-use grass renewal spray that gives a rich, healthy color to browning or faded lawns. The ready-to-use hose mount spray is just a one coat application and applies in minutes!
Grass Color Refresh is a non-toxic, easy way to bring back a natural green color to any landscape's appearance. 

  • Gives grass a natural, healthy color in minutes
  • Superior fade resistance
  • One coat application
  • Safe for pets, plants, and wildlife
  • Available in green
  • Coverage: up to 700 sq ft per bottle



Lawn should be dry and free of all debris such as leaves and sticks prior to application. If necessary, mow the lawn. Cover and mask off surrounding areas to protect from overspray. 

Shake well before and during use. Attach garden hose to the back of the hose end sprayer with the valve on the sprayer in the “OFF” position. Turn on the water. Aiming at the grass, move the valve to the “RINSE” position to confirm water is flowing. Hold the bottle with your spraying hand 2 – 3 feet above the grass, rotate the valve to the far right position and begin staining the grass. Test product 


Application - 1 Gallon
Shake well before and during use. Pour the product into a standard deck or garden type sprayer and pressurize the sprayer by pumping several times. Test the product in a small space prior to the application to ensure the desired color is achieved. Place the tip of the sprayer 6-10” from grass when spraying. 



  • 1 Gallon
  • 56 oz. Hose End

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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