Stops Rust® Spray Paint and Rust Prevention

Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Rusty Metal Primer Brush On Application
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Rusty Metal Primer
7769730 - Half Pint

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About Rusty Metal Primer

Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Rusty Metal Primer stops rust and prevents corrosion. Apply to heavily rusted metal (use Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Clean Metal Primer on clean or lightly rusted metal). Bonds tightly to rust to form a surface top coats can adhere to.

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant

For Best Results

Top coat when fully dry (usually 24 hours).

Available Sizes

  • Half Pint
  • Quart

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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