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Whink Wash Away
Whink Wash Away
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About Wash Away®

Wash Away® is specially formulated to remove the most difficult stains such as blood, chocolate, grease, coffee, grass, and even baby formula! 

  • Safe for all colorfast fabric
  • Works well in all water temperatures

For Best Results

Treat now and wash later... up to 5 days later!

Available Sizes

  • 10 oz.
  • 16 oz.

Ingredient Cas # Function
Water 7732-18-5 Solvent
Nonionic Surfactant Proprietary Surfactant
Glycerin 56-81-5 Solubilizer
Borax Pentahydrate 1330-43-4 Cleaning Agent
Baking soda Withheld Cleaning Agent
Soda ash Withheld Cleaning Agent
Pentahydroxyhexanoic acid Withheld Chelant
Pentahydroxyhexanoic acid, sodium salt Withheld Cleaning Agent
Surfactant Withheld Surfactant
Alkylene glycol Withheld Solubilizer
Hexol hexane Withheld Stabilizer
Proteolytic enzymes 9014-01-1 Enzymes

Technical Documents

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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