PaintBooster™ Flow Control Paint Additive

Zinsser Paint Booster Water Based Concentrated Paint Additive
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Oil Base
303845 - Gallon

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About PaintBooster™ Flow Control Paint Additive

Make painting easier with PaintBooster Flow Control Paint Additive. PaintBooster Flow Control improves paint flow and helps eliminate brush and roller marks. It extends the “wet edge” working time without changing the coating’s cure time, color, sheen or flexibility.

  • Eliminates brush and roller marks
  • Perfect for hot, dry climates and spray applications
  • Won’t affect paint performance
  • 4X ultra concentrated*
  • Available in both water and oil base versions

* It is 4 times as concentrated versus the leading competitor.

Always check local VOC regulations before using PaintBooster™.  

Available Sizes

  • Gallon
  • Quart

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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