Block Filler 2X

Zinsser 2X Block Filler Water Base Tintable White High Build Primer
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293245 - 1 Gallon

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About Block Filler 2X

Zinsser Block Filler 2X is a high build acrylic primer for interior and exterior residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  It has twice the thickness of ordinary primers to fill pinholes and seal voids in concrete block and masonry, resulting in a smoother and more uniform topcoat.  It may be applied to new masonry surfaces prior to full 30-day cure.  Block Filler 2X seals semi-porous surfaces to provide better topcoat coverage and consistent sheen without pinholing.

  • High-hiding formula
  • Tolerates high pH levels (up to 13) in new concrete and masonry
  • Provides excellent topcoat protection against concrete salt (efflorescence) damage
  • Features 2X better adhesion and thickness versus competitive primers
  • May be used on concrete, cinderblock, brick, stucco, fiber cement siding, plaster, mortar, concrete masonry units (CMU), and other cementitious surfaces

For Best Results

Apply with a synthetic bristle brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

Available Sizes

  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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