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Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy Grouts
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Vibration, rotation, shifting, and sheer weight are some of the forces that deteriorate the concrete of every facility. Epoxy Grouts are essential wherever rotating equipment, precision aligned machinery, heavy stationary tanks, rails, or load-bearing plates are installed. By creating stable foundations, machinery, equipment, and the surrounding concrete can perform at their peak for years of productive service.

  • High tensile, flexural and compressive strengths keep valuable machinery and equipment perfectly aligned for years of service
  • Low-exotherm cure minimizes shrinkage, ensuring full bearing where contact is maintained
  • Low-dusting aggregate provides a cleaner work area and a safer work environment
  • Fast curing can accept full service in as little as 6 hours, minimizing downtime
  • High flowability can be poured to form under hard-to-reach foundations and pump pads

* Can be used in USDA facilities based on FSIS Directive 11,000.4 (Rev. 1), November 24, 1995.
** Agriculture Canada (also known as Canadian Food Inspection Agency).