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8600 System - OverKrete® 45/65 - Low Temp Epoxy

8600 OverKrete
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100% solids epoxy floor coatings and toppings for low temperature applications, or faster turnaround in normal temperatures, in severe industrial environments.


  • Offer high degree of abrasion resistance
  • High-build system with fast turnaround and long-lasting service life
  • Resist moderate chemical and severe mechanical abuse
  • Low odor for use in all regulated areas
  • VOC compliant, so safe for people, products and processes
  • Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities

* Can be used in USDA facilities based on FSIS Directive 11,000.4 (Rev. 1), November 24, 1995.
** Agriculture Canada (also known as Canadian Food Inspection Agency).