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Ultrawear 1K

Rust-Oleum Concrete Saver Ultrawear 1K
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360142 - 1 Gallon

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About Ultrawear 1K

UltraWear 1K is a ready to use, high performance gloss topcoat that provides industry leading durability and return to service performance. It is ideal for decorative and functional flooring applications that require protection from UV rays, abrasion, scratches and many of today's harshest chemicals. UltraWear 1K uses proprietary non-isocyanate moisture cure technology that is unlike any high performance topcoat on the market today.

  • Tough and durable; 3X more scratch and mar resistance when compared to polyaspartics
  • Quick full return to service, an unheard of 4 hours at 75°F and 50% RH
  • Single component, high solids and VOC compliance for easy, consistent installations; 1/4" lint free roller at approximately 4 mils or 400 ft2/gal
  • Proprietary aliphatic chemistry provides excellent protection from UV rays, harsh chemicals and abrasion
  • Ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial applications


The concrete surface must be free of all dirt, grease, oil, fats, and other contamination. Remove surface contamination by cleaning with Krud Kutter® PRO Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser, detergent, or other suitable cleaner.


  • 1 Gallon