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BuildKote Polyurea Floor Coating Primer

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About BuildKote Polyurea Floor Coating Primer

BuildKote Polyurea Basecoat is a two component high solids floor coating primer that provides excellent adhesion and is flexible and moves with the floor’s normal expansion and contraction. This versatile coating can be used at varying thicknesses (8-20 mils) for use under a solid color topcoat or part of a multi-lift broadcast decorative flooring system. This product can also be used horizontally or vertically when a seamless floor and wall system is needed.

  • Provides excellent adhesion and is highly flexible
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically for a seamless wall/floor system
  • Can be top coated in as little as two hours
  • Compatible with most floor coating technologies including acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane
  • VOC compliant nationwide

For Best Results 

  • Repair damaged concrete first with InstaPatch® .  

Available Sizes

  • Part B - 2 gallons and Part A - 1 gallon